Worldwide Bingo: Australia


Have you ever wondered how is like to play bingo Down Under? Well, if you’re already used to United Kingdom atmosphere, the things are not too different, as Australia is one of the countries with the highest popularity for the game. A small fun fact is that the Australians tend to refer to the bingo game as “housie” sometimes, but don’t get confused by this. It’s just the same thing! For instance, some statistics show that more than two million of people play bingo monthly. That’s almost 9% of the total population!

If you want to play bingo or any other related game you have to meet certain age requirements. The legal age in this country is 18, but the minimum age for entering in a bingo hall can vary by state.

Another golden rule for the bingo halls is that you have to be familiarized with the game rules and house rules both. No one will ask you to act like a pro, but you need to know some basic rules before you join a game.

If you visit Australia, you have to know that you can find bingo halls basically everywhere. The Premier Bingo halls are very popular in Victoria as they have huge prize pool, nice jackpots, and a luxurious ambiance. You will just feel like you play bingo in a casino environment, for casino stakes. Tiger Bingo in Brisbane is also a destination that you should consider if you want some quality bingo services. Of course the small towns also have their own bingo communities, but in these places the game is usually played for fun, and the prizes are either symbolic, either for charity causes. With bigger or smaller halls, basically there’s no place in Australia without bingo.

Of course, a lot of people still prefer the traditional hall bingo, but recently a lot of people have made the transition to online bingo. It seems that the things are moving forward in this country, as there are plenty of online bingo websites on the Australian market. However, a lot of people still love to play a real hall version of the game from time to time, despite the fact they are regular online players. A good justification for this preference is that the bingo websites did not get to the point when they can completely delete the original version of the game. As an example, the online bingo can’t recreate the real interaction between two friends that play the game during a Friday evening.

As a conclusion we can say that both the bingo halls and websites are extremely popular in Australia, and it seems like neither of those versions will disappear anytime soon.

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