Bingo For Money Review


About Bingo For Money:

Bingo For Money offers an authentic bingo experience by using the most advanced software currently available in the industry. When you play on Bingo for Money, you have 300 different patterns and games available for players of all levels. The simple design of the games on Bingo for Money is coupled with first class graphics and brilliant colors that make the games easy to play. The chat feature allows players to talk with one another during gameplays, while active in the bingo rooms.

One of the internet’s best online bingo websites just got a whole lot better! Bingo For Money has unveiled a brand new platform, completely redesigned from head to toe with the latest technology. The site features brand new simple to use navigation making it easy for players to get around. They have also created their very own bingo social network in which members can now communicate with other players from around the world!

 Bingo For Money - Logo Large

A main concept of the new Bingo For Money site is the focus they’ve put on creating a customizable social profile. Players can now upload their very own pictures, write an about section showcasing their interests and even leave status updates for their fellow players to see. This new addition gives players a more personal touch and creates a more vibrant online bingo experience. The new platform allows players to keep track of their account activity and also makes it easier to find out about upcoming promotions and tournaments!

 Mobile Bingo App



The New Graphical Interface

The player profiles aren’t the only big change at Bingo For Money. The site also re-did their graphical interface, making it easier to navigate, browse and play the plethora of games. Colors are more enhanced with top-notch graphics that make the site sparkle and shine. Bingo For Money is now also responsive, meaning that you can play on both tablets and smartphones.

 Bingo For Money $50 Free Play Bonus

Games & Bonus:


The new online experience allows players to rate and review any of the games on the site. Members’ feedback is an integral part of creating a better user experience and Bingo For Money values their members’ opinions. Players can now stay informed about which games are the best through a 5-star rating system as well as written reviews that are left by other members.

Get Social and Interact Online With Other Players

BFM - VIP - Loyalty

Online bingo is a lot more than just playing games online. The interaction between the players and the community feel is what draws players in from around the world. The new interface at Bingo For Money creates a more social experience for all members. Each bingo room has a friendly Chat Moderator that is there to answer questions. They create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere and are known for hosting special games and giving out bonuses. Players on the site can also take advantage of several new social networking features such as:

  • Interact directly with other Bingo For Money members
  • Shares and Likes
  • Transfer funds and give gifts


All of these new features create a very online gaming experience. Players visit Bingo For Money from around the world and it’s no wonder why. With constant innovation and a knack for staying a step ahead of the curve, Bingo For Money is one of best online bingo sites out there today.

Bingo For Money offers you a genuine gambling experience! You can play with 24 cards during each game and you can employ the auto-daub feature that will make sure you never miss a number on your cards. Take advantage of the pre- buy feature and you will always have the cards ready for the games you want to play.


Bingo For Money strives to create a bingo experience that reflects every aspect of a local bingo hall. The balls used in the 75-ball game are color coded and almost identical to those used in land based bingo halls. As soon you as you win a game, your money will be instantly credited to your account, this way if you were to lose your connection your winnings will be available the next time you sign in. You never have to wait more than a few minutes to play your next game at Bingo For Money. Games are played 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!

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Apart from bingo tournaments, Bingo for Money provides a variety of games, ranging from video poker, slot games, pull tabs to chat games – all available at the touch of a mouse click.

Payout Methods:

BFM - Banking

Bingo For Money enables fast payouts so you can receive your winnings as soon as possible. The customer support staff is available 24/7 and will process your request within minutes. You also have the option to contact the support team via LiveChat for instant response to your inquiries.


BFM - Security


To learn more about the site just visit bingoformoney where you can sign up! It’s a quick and easy process and you’ll also be rewarded with a $25 bonus just for completing the form!

BingoForMoney offers members a special online bingo experience. Players can benefit from a huge selection of games, exciting monthly promotions, generous bonuses and helpful customer support.


User Reviews:


Best Games

Bingo For Money, always offered the very best online bingo games and jackpots

Bingo For Money
Deposit Bonus

Their great deposit bonus often and this is very good for my friends

Bingo For Money

They have an easy going and secure registration

Bingo For Money
Bingo all year round

Endless amounts of bingo games, jackpots and so much more. It’s always a good time to play at BFM

Bingo For Money

I always benefit from their deals and offers, whenever I play, no easy wins, but that’s bingo!

Bingo For Money
Always Winning

My wife loves playing bingo, but she doesn’t seem to win everytime, I hope!

Bingo For Money
Good stuff

BFM has a very secure payment system and I have been using their online services since their launch

Bingo For Money
Special Tourneys

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Titan Bingo Review

About Titan Bingo:

When it comes to bingo sites, there are some that focus exclusively on high stakes and high winnings. Titan Bingo is not one of them. Titan Bingo’s main selling point is its strong community. It offers many opportunities of meeting people that have the same passion: the bingo game. Thus the community will constantly offer a kind and warm welcome to any new players: either new to the site or to the bingo game. So if you`re looking for online gambling but also want to meet new people you`ve come to the right place.

Titan Biingo

Games and bonuses:

When you make an account on the website they make sure you understand how much they appreciate their customers. They have a daily piggy smash where for only £1 you get the chance to win up to £500. Sounds like a deal to me. Also, on every second Tuesday of the month they have an awesome lucky numbers give-away. You can win £10,000 if you guess the numbers. And if you`re new, you get £40 to check out their bingo rooms: 75 ball, 80 ball, 90 ball, pattern Bingo, progressive jackpot as well as other special games. They know how to maintain their customer’s attention and keep them playing on the website without getting bored.

Titan Bingo games



Titan software:

The site had some issues in the past, and the players reported that at times they couldn`t log in, but these issues have been fixed by now. The primary issues behind the previous errors were due to the unstable nature of the Cyber World and the Internet. Therefore, interactions between various pieces of malware, on server and client side seem to have caused the previous problems.

Currently, the software works great and features the latest developments in accessibility and usability. It’s made with the final user in mind and created so that it is not only easy to use, but intuitive and responsive.

Titan mobile:

Mobile Bingo App











Their mobile software hasn’t been released yet, but they promise it will be available soon. Fingers crossed! They have recently release the Casino application however, and it seems to be a great success. So let`s hope the bingo application will be equally successful as well. We can`t wait to see how things will evolve!



Another thing we like about Titan is that they employ multiple security methods. They never give out player information, and they double check player identity before releasing money. Also, they use trusted payment methods with regard to both server software and payment processors, so that everything is completely secured and constantly double-checked.

They monitor the games and the chats 24/7 to ensure the integrity of the game and to ensure that players are safe. The site also enforces a strict policy regarding identity and making sure no minors or otherwise vulnerable people are involved in the bingo games.





The registration page interface is simple and anyone can use it. All the information they require fits on one page, and can easily be done without having to waste time going through multiple pages. They also ask customers whether or not they want to receive promotional material via e-mail, and are always careful about using e-mail lists responsibly, without sending any sort of spam, or sharing the lists with third-parties. If you opted to receive the material but later changed your mind, you can easily un-subscribe by following the link displayed at the bottom of every promotional e-mail.

Customer support:




As expected from a website with such a warm community, they have a great customer support section. They display their contact number and e-mail all over the site so that if you encounter any kind of problem, they can easily be in touch and help you solve it. Also, the strong community that has developed alongside the website is very productive when it comes to support. In case you’d prefer not contacting support, you can simply ask other clients who might have been in similar situations. Or, if you have a relatively common problem, you can go to the help section and see if the answer is already posted there.

Loyalty program:

As many other bingo sites, they have a loyalty program, so that the more you play, the more you win.

Our recommendation:

If you want not only to play bingo but also meet new people and have fun, you are in the right place. Titan Bingo has an amazing community, great offers and impressive features that will surely convince you to return.


User Reviews:


Best Games

Titan bingo always offered the very best online bingo games and jackpots

Titan Bingo
Deposit Bonus

Their great deposit bonus often and this is very good for my friends


They have an asy going and secure registration

Titanall year round

Endless amounts of bingo games, jackpots and so much more. It’s always a good time to play at Titan


I always benefit from their deals and offers, whenever I play, no easy wins, but that’s bingo!

Titan Bingo
Always Winning

My wife loves playing Titan bingo, but she doesn’t seem to win everytime, I hope!

Titan Bingo
Good stuff

Titan Bingo has a very secure payment system and I have been using Titan’s online services for quite a while now

Titan Bingo
80 ball bingo
Special Tourneys

Bingo Security

Bingo Room Security

Everything you need to know about what makes a Bingo room more secure than other rooms. This is what you should be looking for !

Bingo Room Security Measures

Are bank details being kept safe by the bingo room providers?

Keeping customer information safe is the number one priority for every online bingo provider, and that’s why every bit of information concerning the user is encrypted through methods such as Secure Sockets Layers (or SSL) and the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure (or HTTPS). In addition to these methods, customer information is also encrypted by the bingo rooms themselves and stored as an encrypted hash. You should also know that payments are typically done through registered operators who are in direct contact with the banks and have worked together on security protocols. The transaction systems that are then installed on the websites are thus checked by both parties to ensure additional security and transparency. Your information is never stored by bingo rooms, and information that is stored, such as your username and password is constantly encrypted with the latest algorithms.


Security software, is used in bingo players’ transactions?

Every online bingo platform needs to use security software in order to make its transactions safe. The software is designed to work with numerous payment systems, such as VISA or MasterCard, software being approved by the operators. Secure Electronic Transactions (or SET) were developed to ensure a high level of security concerning financial transactions. The Secure Electronic Transaction system makes sure that the user receives a digital certificate (or an electronic wallet), which leads to the verification of a transaction by using a digital certificates combination which is checked by both the service provider (in our case, the online bingo platform) and the customer’s bank.

The bingo rooms themselves also use firewalls and antivirus software to protect their servers. Depending on their operating systems, they may use programs such as the Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server Enterprise Edition for servers running on Windows, or the Sophos Server Antivirus Security for servers running on Linux or UNIX.

Security methods are used in bingo player’ transactions?

SET uses a wide range of security technologies such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) from Netscape, Secure Transaction Technology (STT) from Microsoft, and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) from Terisa System. By using a complex technology the Secure Electronic Transaction system makes every interaction between a customer, a merchant and a bank as safe as a real money transaction. By using all those security methods, like any other online service provider, bingo room providers managed to create extremely safe environments, so that every player can feel safe about their money or personal data.

Bank and bingo room verification methods

In order to achieve safe transactions both banks and bingo rooms have to use various verification methods as the identity of a customer is questionable term until he/she provides proof of identity. Besides proof consisting of a photo / scan of the ID card or Passport, in order to fully use the account the bingo player needs to show a bank statement of his account. This process may take a few days, because the bingo room provider and the bank need to make sure that all the papers involved are authentic, reducing the risk of fraud, so the customer will have to be patient. If there are any doubts, the customer service of the bingo room will eventually contact the bingo player by phone or by e-mail to clarify all issues. As additional security measures the bingo room provider will have to check and correlate IP addresses and ranges with the address from the ID card to verify location and possibilities of an account being hacked or shared.

Fraud prevention methods used

Some fraud prevention methods need to be taken by both the bingo room provider and customer in order to stop internet bingo fraud. By playing online bingo and not only, the player is exposed to many dangers such as credit card theft, phishing, and identity theft.

The bingo room takes measures such as conducting multiple password checks, ensuring your password is strong and correlating data such as phone numbers, e-mails and accounts. Bingo rooms also verify all contradictions in data, unusual account activity or unusual login locations to ensure that the account hasn’t been compromised. If there is proof of that happening, the account is often locked and the user is required to complete a security check.

The bingo room will always ask you not to share your account with anyone. A customer should also be aware that fraud prevention is not only the duty of bingo rooms and website hosts. All parties are responsible for protection against internet frauds. Thus, the user should make sure to have updated anti-virus, firewall and anti-malware software constantly installed.

Online Bingo Site – How to sign up

While Signing up at an online bingo room or site is very easy, we want to guide you through the process and some things to think about or look out for. The methods or steps vary from site to site but in general the process or details required are the same. We will try and take you through an example bingo sign up and also the deposit options.

We have chosen William Hill Bingo to show you the example but as said it’s pretty much the same for other bingo sites.

Firstly you need to find out which bingo site you wish to sign up for, and we suggest looking through the reviews here at to find one that matches what you want from a bingo site. Look out for a good sign up bonus as well. William Hill has a great offer currently with a £10 deposit new player bonus where you will get £40 free to play with.

To claim this bonus you can click here and then follow the steps to sign up & deposit.


1) Click on the link above to open William Hill Bingo and claim the bonus. Once opened the page will display as follows, click the “Join Now” button at the top right hand side of the page.

william hill sign up


2) Once you have clicked “Join Now” you will be asked to fill in some basic user information on the registration screen as shown below.


The information is relatively basic and easy to complete – such as name, address, Date of birth (you will have to be over 18 to play online bingo). William Hill use “Thawte” (–which is a globally recognised authority on the issuing of SSL certificates – this essentially means that William Hill bingo complies with their standards for secure data information via or on the internet . you can read more about this here) to secure user info so you can rest assured your personal information will be kept securely. Once you have entered personal details you will be asked to choose a username, and then set a password for your account. You will use this to log in in the future to your account so we suggest using a username that you will remember and also that you will be seen as in the bingo rooms. With regards to passwords, best practice suggests that you should never use the same password as you have for other things on the web, and it should include both upper and lower case letters and numeric values to make sure it is secure as possible. William Hill will suggest strength during the registration of the password you try to use, so you will be able to see how yours hold up. Never give out your password, even to anyone form a bingo rooms customer support team, they don’t need it. For added security checks they also ask users to provide a security question with a memorable answer, such as favourite star, mother’s maiden name, first pet or first car you owned.

You can also select here the currency you wish to use and also a daily deposit limit should you wish to budget your deposit amounts. The currency is usually auto chosen depending on your location but it’s worth to just double check that it’s the one you want.

You can also see here the confirmation of your deposit bonus from and some other offering in the top right of the screen so there is no need to add in an additional promo code.

Then you must select that you agree to the T&C’s and we suggest you keep the option which is pre-set (ticked) for receiving bonus and special offers emailed to your account so you don’t miss out on any of their latest offers. William hill won’t spam you or give this out to third parties, but it is worth looking to see if you want this option as we understand some people do not wish to receive such emails.

Once all the data is filled in, just click “create my account” and you are almost done.

You will also receive a welcome email from William Hill Bingo confirming your account details at this point.


3) The next step is to deposit funds into the account. To claim the great bonus it is only a £10 deposit so that is what we will start with. As you can see from the screenshot below William Hill have a vast number of payment methods – credit and debit card, E-Wallets such as Paypal bingo, EntroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and also bank transfer and western union among others. We generally suggest choosing either an e-wallet service or paying by credit/debit card as these are the most secure and easiest way to deposit fund and receive your winnings. If you want to read about payment methods for online bingo you can have a look at our guide here.


Once you have made your deposit and claimed the bonus you can start playing! It really is that easy to sign up at an online bingo site.


4) Now your bingo account is set up and deposits are made its time to play! You will be taken back to your home screen such as the image below shows; we have underlined the area where you can deposit for future reference and circled the area where the fun beings. The play now sections.

play bingo william hill

Once you have clicked on play bingo, William Hills Bingo games area will launch in a new window and an example is shown here below.

william hill bingo games

As you can see there is a huge variety of Bingo games, 90-ball, 80 and 75 ball along with fun jackpots and multiplayer games. You can also find out the full schedule of all games and places where you can bulk buy your bingo tickets/cards.

We hope you found this helpful; it really is so easy to sing up at an online bingo room that anyone can do it. As we mentioned all registration and deposit process are relatively similar to the one we have given you here. So take a look through our bingo reviews and find the best room and bingo bonuses. Make sure to choose one with a good reputation, good user and expert reviews and secure /safe sites such as the ones found on

Good luck everyone and have fun.