Best Online Bingo Payment Methods

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Online Bingo Payment Methods

To play and win at online bingo as with any brick and mortar bingo hall, you will need to buy your bingo cards. Therefore one of the most important things to consider when choosing an online bingo room to play at is which online payment methods are available at the bingo site for you to easily deposit your money and also receiving your winnings and jackpots. Some bingo rooms actually make it quite hard for the players to withdraw their bingo winnings, and those sites we don’t consider to list on That being said any of the rooms we do review have a multitude of ways to deposit and withdraw your money. On this page we cover the basics on the majority of payment methods / gateways used by good online bingo rooms to make transactions online.

What is a payment solution for online bingo?

We could write a huge piece about what payment gateways/solutions are and how they work. But that would be pretty boring. To surmise an online payment gateway/method or solution all refer to one thing… A method for processing monetary transaction via the internet. This is done through an e-commerce platform or application- it is an online or virtual equivalent of a physical point of sale or cash register. They work by digitally looking up an account (whether it is a bank account, e-wallet, credit or debit card) and making a transaction from one to another, from the player’s account to the bingo rooms for a deposit and from the bingo room to the player for withdrawals or winnings.

You can read in more detail here if you wish –

What things to look out for?

We believe the most important factors to look at when choosing a payment method for online bingo can be categorised into three sections;

  • Security – whether or not the technology and company behind the type of transaction have emphasis on making sure both all your information and the transactions themselves are secure and safe from any risk of online fraud.
  • Ease of Use – How easy is it to set up an account with the type of payment solution, is it easy to use and can you link the account directly to you main bank account.
  • Accessibility – Is the payment method accessible to all? Is it used by most online bingo sites? Is this payment method available to many or all locations of bingo players?

Which is best?

All major payment gateways and solutions we have listed on this page are very secure so your details and transactions are safe with them, they are easy to set and use and most are compatible with the major online bingo sites. To select the best method from them is very hard and often comes down to personal taste or familiarity that players have with them. As a rule of thumb, major credit cards and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard are usually the most universally accepted methods of online payments / deposit for online bingo. But many E-wallets such as Skrill or PayPal offer excellent service. Again the which is best question really comes down to personal taste.

Overview of Different Online Bingo Payment Methods

There are so many different payment methods for depositing at online bingo sites. But we try to give a basic intro to the main methods used in both US and UK bingo rooms to accept and make payments to and from the players. We have also added Bingo rooms that we know take this form of online transactions.

Credit and Debit Cards

Visa Logo  mastercard-logo

Visa/MasterCard – This is by far the most common method for online bingo deposits. Very easy to use and very secure. Usually when your register an account with a bingo room you can set up a card associated to it, you enter the details on the card and make the payment. Most bingo rooms will also allow you to save the card details (you usually have to add in billing address full card numbers, expiry dates etc. etc.). And then once these are saved with the said bingo operator you only need to add in the cvv number (last three digits on back of card) and one other verification step to make a deposit. So it is a very easy and very secure payment method. When it comes to getting your winnings, usually the bingo room will just allocate the winnings back to the card you have used to deposit, so it’s quickly acceptable and an easy process for bingo players.

Maestro bingo logo

Maestro – This is a form of debit card often found in the UK, while its popularity is on the decline from banks as above most bingo rooms accept this type of payment and works in the same way as Visa/MasterCard as above.

american-express logo bingo

American ExpressThe methods of payment on Amex (American express)= work in the same way as other major credit and debit cards as described above. However often UK Bingo Rooms may not accept this type of card (due to the high processing fee they are charged) so it can limit the number of places you can play if you decide to use Amex. However, as it is still a popular method in North America most US Online Bingo rooms do accept American express – BingoForMoney, BingoHall and CyberBingo, for example, all process deposits made with Amex.


An E-Wallet is a payment gateway that is linked to your bank account or credit and debit card, and you either top up your account i.e. a pre-paid amount is deposited or your card is charged through them rather than those details being given to a third party. This is a very popular way of making transactions online and in particular for bingo rooms, when players do not want to give out their bank info directly to the rooms. The E-wallets listed below all work in pretty much the same way and are the top of their class when it comes to this type of online transaction.

paypal logo

PayPal – One of the first and most reputable e-wallets. In the UK most bingo sites allow you to make withdrawals and deposit via PayPal, however in the US this option is more limited. You can read more about PayPal bingo sites here.

skrill logo bingo

Skrill/Moneybookers – Skrill and Moneybookers are the same company. Moneybookers was a skrill product and was then rebranded and along with Neteller are the largest emerging e-wallets and are a very secure method of online payments. Most US bingo rooms also accept this method so it’s a good options for those based in North America.

neteller logo

Neteller – Great safety features and overall accessibility are making Neteller one of the best options for online bingo deposits. As with Skirll most US bingo rooms also take this payment option.

kash logo bingo

Ukash – For UK bingo players Ukash is a very good E-wallet, less well known than Skrill; PayPal and Neteller it has all the features to make a good online payment solution.


There is a huge amount of other payment methods for online bingo and many different companies who provide excellent service, as we mentioned it’s often a matter of taste. Here are a few others that are often used by the bingo rooms;

Paysafecard, click and buy, eco, Bankwire, paper check,

The Bingo Rooms will often have a whole page dedicated to what payment methods they accept so take a look at their sites to see if your preferred method is accepted; here are some examples.
– CyberBingo Payment Info
– William Hill Payment Info

Bingo around the Globe

Bingo around the worldThe bingo game has a history of more than six hundred years. The primary bingo game was played in most European countries in a large variety of versions, while the modern bingo game was only invented in the late 20’s. Currently, bingo games are present in most countries of the world. Whether it is played as interactive television bingo, electronic bingo, in bingo halls or online, this only proves the versatility of this game.

Bingo in the United Kingdom

Until 2005, the most popular way to play bingo in the United Kingdom, was in bingo clubs. Things have changed since then, and the players that used to play bingo in halls, have migrated to online bingo in recent years. High taxes and the increasing popularity and accessibility of bingo through the internet have both contributed to this change. It’s also to be noted that in the last years, bingo clubs have offered their customers electronic bingo. The most popular bingo variety seen in the United Kingdom is 90-ball.

Bingo in the United States and Canada

The bingo game is one of the most iconic games played in American casinos. During the last decades, this game has had a huge impact on American popular culture. Today, places like Las Vegas or Reno represent ideal locations for any player that wants to play bingo on a high stakes level. Bingo games have also influenced the Native American population. There is a large variety of Native American-run casinos, especially in Nevada. In Canada, the most popular way to play bingo, is represented by bingo halls using scratch cards.

Bingo in Australia

A popular game like bingo can’t stay away from a country like Australia. Here, like in the United Kingdom, the game is extremely popular online, but bingo halls represent an important percentage of the bingo market as well.

Bingo in Eastern Europe

Bingo halls and online bingo are not extremely developed here, but in the Eastern Europe countries bingo has achieved popularity on the TV screens through national bingo contests and shows. These shows offer all sorts of entertainment as well in order to attract people of all ages.

Bingo in the Arabic countries

Although gambling games are strictly prohibited in most Arabic countries, bingo is played online in those countries. It’s played only for entertainment and educational purposes as bingo can serve by teaching children basic mathematics.

As you can see, bingo is present almost everywhere and it comes in a large variety of forms. No matter where and how you play bingo, the only thing that matters is to enjoy the game everywhere and with everyone you play with.

South Beach Bingo Review

About South Beach Bingo:

South Beach Bingo offers you a fun and relaxing bingo experience, plus the added thrills of a tropical paradise! South Beach Bingo uses cutting-edge gaming software that puts its platform at the forefront of the online bingo industry. Featuring more than 300 different bingo patterns and a huge variety of games and rooms to try, the site has something for everyone.  Players stay for the ambiance and come back for the loads of fun that come with the chat feature, which lets them talk to any of their Bingo Buddies in whichever room they’re playing!

South Beach Bingo - logo


South Beach Bingo is heating things up again and making big changes to their site! These upgrades give their players an experience that is unparalleled to anything available today. The enhanced version now offers players the most up-to-date gaming experience! With brand-new features and easy-to-use navigation, the new site allows flawless interaction with the user. South Beach Bingo members from all over the world will now experience the most advanced gaming platform yet.

Games and Bonuses:

South Beach Bingo provides players an amazing array of bonuses, promotions, and daily offers! You can claim $35 as a welcome bonus when you come online and sign up with South Beach Bingo! That’s not all, you are eligible to get a bonus of 1,100% over your first three deposits on the site. There are a million ways to have fun, so you have loads of opportunities to win!

South Beach Bingo Promotions


In addition to these sign-up offers, South Beach Bingo gives you daily, weekly, and monthly promotions and events to try. Every game ends with a winner and you can rack up Bingo Bucks while you play and enjoy Chat Games! The ways to play are endless and the prizes are incredible: everything from cash and gadgets to trips to Paris!

South Beach Bingo decided to restructure their site with the concept of creating a more personal experience for their players. When they set out to create a user-friendly platform, they took into account all aspects needed to build a pristine one. To uplift the design and performance, they put their players’ needs at the forefront and developed an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable playing. This one idea of simplicity and ease lead to many great innovations. Players can customize their profiles and easily update and change information. The enhanced interface gives them instant access to all the information they need. They can check account activity, VIP level, and the latest promotions faster and easier than ever before.

After streaming the player’s interaction with the site, South Beach Bingo focused their attention on optimizing the visual experience. They unveiled new, bold and bright colors along with unprecedented graphics. The cornerstone of any great site is a visually stimulating display. The South Beach Bingo team took it one-step further. They made sure that not only were the colors vibrant and pleasing, but made sure that everything fits in perfect place too. This allows users to know exactly where everything is on the screen without having to take a second look.


Rate And Review Feature

South Beach Bingo has added new and important features to aid their players in giving feedback. This option to rate and review allows players to come together and talk openly about what they like or dislike about certain games. In turn, South Beach Bingo can continue to make updates or add features to better the overall experience of the players.  As members send their feedback, South Beach Bingo is able to access what games or promotions they like the most and let them know when a new promotion that fits their profile is available. This gives players the opportunity to win bigger rewards while playing the games they like.

Social And Online Interaction

The upgraded South Beach Bingo site implements all sorts of new features their members will surely enjoy. There’s more to South Beach Bingo than just playing; it’s a new social interaction in the most fun form of entertainment.  The Chat Moderators at South Beach Bingo are always available to entertain players and love online bingo just as much as them. By adding this element, members can have fun and talk about the games, as well as other topics. Each Chat Moderator has their own individual personality, which helps players connect on a more personal level. South Beach Bingo has also added other social features such as:

  • Communication with other South Beach Bingo members
  • Updating user status
  • Ability to share and like items
  • Tracking activity online



























All of these components were carefully developed and tested to ensure every member has a great experience at South Beach Bingo.  The team at South Beach Bingo has created an environment where players can truly feel at home. South Beach Bingo warmly welcomes new members at south beach bingo.

Southbeachbingo offers members the possibility to sign up, create an account and benefit from a wide selection of games, monthly promotions, bonuses and flawless customer support services.

Methods and Schemes

When you play at South Beach Bingo, you can get the feel of the real bingo hall experience thanks to the announcements on important calls and the fantastic sound effects. When you know you want to play in a certain game, you have the option to pre-purchase cards so that you’re guaranteed not to miss the start! In each game you can play up to 24 cards and you may also make use of the auto-daub function that helps you make sure not to miss any numbers.


Just like at your local bingo hall, South Beach Bingo games use 75 balls, all of which are color-coded to bring the real gaming feel to your screen. Games are played around the clock, 24 hours a day, so whenever the desire to play hits you, you’ll find a game about to begin! If you win a ticket, the money will be automatically credited to your account and made available on your next visit, should your internet connection drop.

If you love all types of online gaming, South Beach Bingo is the place for you. In addition to bingo, video poker, slots, and more are available for you to try. Spin the reels or build your poker hand and enjoy the realistic graphics and stunning animation.

Payment Methods


South Beach Bingo provides 24/7 customer service to its players, including live chat, email, and phone options. It is also a reliable and quick payer of winnings, so you can be sure that you’ll be getting your money on time!


South Beach Bingo Free $35 Bonus Offer

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