US Bingo Legislations


US Bingo Halls are subject to regulations that can differ from state to state. This is why it is rather difficult to discuss about a specific set of regulations that should be applied for any bingo hall in the United States, whether it is a physical one or an online one. Gambling, bingo included is not legal all throughout the United States and you should know this before you either decide to open a venue of this kind or before you try to play on your own.

Eleven US states illegalized online gambling altogether, and bingo falls into this category, too. These states are Illinois, Louisiana, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, New York, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Washington. If you plan to do gambling business in one of these states, then you are out of luck. However, you are not breaking the law in the rest of the US if you decide to gamble and to play bingo. These activities are legal as long as other laws are not broken during the gaming process.

Unfortunately, the laws passed by the House and by the Senate of the United States are not always in the best interest of individuals, and a proof related to the current situation is the Safe Port Act. As one can easily notice, this is a law that deals with the safety of water ports. However, at the end of this act, a small amendment has been added, which makes it illegal for a gambling website to perform money transactions with financial institutions. This is the main reason for which many UK bingo halls and other European ones do not allow US players to gamble. However, it is not illegal for an individual to deposit money into the bingo company’s website in order to play.

There are also exceptions when it comes to playing bingo with cash stakes. There are certain states, including Florida, which consider bingo games legal, as long as the funds are directed towards a fundraising. However, such games can only be hosted by charitable or non-profit organizations. Moreover, such an organization must already be at least three years old when the game is hosted. Besides this, the organization also has to be exempted from federal income taxes, under section 501(c) or 528 of the US Internal Revenue Code. However, charitable bingo is not allowed in all the US states.

Taking the example of Pennsylvania, regulations provide detailed information about each category of items that are discussed about. The bingo game is clearly defined, talking about the card that is the main element of the game, its design and the way in which a winning card is announced.

The license can be acquired in multiple ways and for example, a nonprofit organization is only required to pay a $100 annual fee in order to maintain its license. However, costs can vary, depending on the type of organization that requires a license. The license must be kept in full view, so that any bingo player can see it. Individuals under 18 are only allowed to play bingo if they are accompanied by an adult.

As you see, when it comes to the United States, the regulations related to bingo halls, whether physical or online, are quite difficult to grasp. If you need solid advice, you need to decide where you want to start your bingo business. Only afterwards you can start reading about the regulations of that certain state and learn if gambling is legal and if so, under what conditions. In short, you can discover that online bingo games are legal, as long as cash games are not offered, but surely this is not the aim of playing bingo.

UK Bingo Legislations

UK Bingo Clubs Fight For Lower Taxes

UK Bingo Halls are now extremely popular in the online environment and more and more people are joining these websites. You might think that there are risks involved when you join such a site and deposit money, but if you choose a bingo hall that is based in the UK, you should have no worries. UK Bingo Halls are regulated by the Gambling Commission. The Commission states that bingo itself has no legal definition in relation to the rules and the way of gameplay, but the games are usually similar in Great Britain.

Online bingo has to comply with the same regulations that non-remote bingo has to comply with. This assures customers of the fairness of each game. Bingo hall owners must be compliant to a set of rules imposed by the Commission. There are four elements that must be respected, the first one being the Gambling Act of 2005. Besides this, other regulations that are made under this act must be respected. Moving on, the LCCP, or the License conditions and codes of practice is another set of regulations that owners of bingo halls must be compliant with. Finally, operating licenses might also have technical standards that must be respected, as well.

The Gambling Commissions ensures that these regulations are enforced in multiple ways. Visits and reviews are made at specific time intervals. Guidance and advice is provided to license holders to help them become compliant with the regulations. Preventive or remedial action can be taken by the Gambling Commission in order for a bingo hall owner to become compliant, if any issues are discovered.

Gaming machines must also meet specific technical standards. The Gambling Commission provides detailed information about each category of machines, four of them being the main ones: A, B, C and D. There are also subcategories, such as B3 or B3A.

License holders that own a UK bingo hall must report key events to the Gambling Commission. The Commission covers all of the key events in a special document that can be easily accessed on their website. There are key events that are mandatory for reports, while others are optional. It is advised to report any of these events as soon as possible. There is the possibility to report a key event through email, but a letter can be sent to a physical address, too.

Bingo premises feature gaming machines, and this is another aspect regulated by the Gambling Commission. The machines that fall into the C and D categories are not limited when it comes to their number in the premises. However, B3 and B4 gaming machines can only represent 20% of the total number of machines located in a bingo hall. A B3 machine can be tested at an approved test house, but the other machines must be tested by the manufacturer in order to receive a functionality approval that is within the compliance limits.

Usually, a bingo hall requires a bingo license. These licenses can be operating licenses, personal management licenses or premises licenses. There are exceptions from each of these licenses and for example, operating licenses are not required if the bingo games are played for fundraising or in a pub. Licenses can be applied for to the Gambling Commission and if the process seems difficult sometimes, there are guidance articles designed for each kind of license that a person might want to request. Other elements might be required when it comes to the application, such as a business plan or an organizational chart. Once again, everything is listed on the page of the Gambling Commission.

As you see, UK bingo halls are regulated tightly by the Gambling Commission. If this might seem as a tedious process, you should know that it is designed to always benefit end-users. This way, you can have the guarantee that the games you engage in are fair, whether you decide to play bingo in a physical hall or on the Internet.


Why Play Online Bingo ?


Playing bingo is a relaxing activity that you can do either for fun or for money. There are a lot of opportunities to win money and even a jackpot if you are lucky enough.

However, not every one of you lives close to a bingo hall. It might be a tedious task to travel until you get to the hall and your mood might be altered until you start your first game. There are solutions to such a problem and they come through the Internet. You can play online bingo and you will have no restriction on the number of games that you can play, on the amount of time that you can spend at the virtual venue or regarding the amount of money that you manage to earn.

The greatest advantage of online bingo is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your own house to do it. You can simply launch the bingo app whenever you want to play and you can purchase all of the tickets that you want to. Regardless of the weather outside, you can have all the fun that you want.

Another great advantage when it comes to online bingo halls is that each one of them is readily available for you. You do not have to rely on your local bingo hall and play the same old games there. Online, you can sign up with a bingo hall that is registered in another country and play with no efforts at all. Language barriers are no problem, because all the major online bingo halls feature English as their primary language, packed together with other languages, such as the local ones or French and German.

If you care about the social issue of online gaming, you should know that you can easily get in touch with other players. You can easily make connections, just as you would do it at a real bingo hall. However, once again, you are not restricted only to local connections, you can make friends from any corner of the world and you can keep in touch at the table and even further. Online bingo rooms feature chat rooms when you can make small talk with other players and some rooms also allow you to add certain users to your favorites list.

If you care about prizes, then online bingo is leading a long way in front of real bingo halls. When you sign up with a bingo website, you might receive a welcome bonus that requires you to deposit no money at all. Even if you receive only a few dollars, you must also take into consideration ticket prices that can cost only a couple of pennies, each. When you want to make a deposit, you will usually receive another bonus, that can even double your investment. This way, you have much more money to spend than you would usually have and you can easily score some big wins afterwards.

Promotions take place much more often at online bingo halls, because there is a consistent flow of players that might want to relax after a hard day of work, without having to travel to a bingo hall. You can find rooms that have daily promos and you can register for any of them with no restrictions at all.

A final advantage of online bingo rooms is that you have the possibility to play a wide variety of bingo games, besides the classic 75 and 90-ball variations. Moreover, many online bingo halls also feature a wide range of slot games. When you are waiting for a new game of bingo to begin or when you simply choose to spend some money and aim for a big jackpot, you can switch in an instant to another game.

Online bingo, as you see, has great advantages over a simple, real-life bingo hall. You can start playing in a matter of seconds after you read this article and you won’t even have to get away from your seat.

Real Money Bingo

Online Bingo for Real Money

Real money bingo is a very popular hobby both in the UK and US as well as across the rest of the world.

Playing for real money bingo on the internet is safe and secure. All of the online bingo halls that reviews are trusted and secured with proper transactions that hide your personal information. We will never advertise or review a site that is not safe to play real money bingo at. Some online bingo halls offer real money only, while most sites offer real money bingo with play money bingo.

The play money are for people who are just interested in trying out their software or maybe just don’t have any money at the time. You might be surprised to know that 75% of online bingo sites offer free no deposit bonuses. With these no deposit bingo bonus offers you can play real money bingo for free, with no risk at all.

You are probably wondering how they could ever give away free real bingo money to every player. Well a certain couple online bingo halls started offering the promotion, and others simply followed suit. They believe once you try their bingo site with real money that you will continue to play real money bingo at their site when you choose to deposit.

Almost all real money bingo sites offer deposit bingo bonus offers as well, to maximize your player account before buying bingo tickets.

How To Win Real Money At Online Bingo

Everyone wants to win real money when playing online Bingo, that’s why we play. Other than the chat, there is nothing fun about losing ;). So therefore we have wrote an article on how to win real money when playing bingo games online. Remember that bingo is a game of chance, so the strategies to win at bingo are minimal. Regardless, lets go over the best ways to increase your chances at winning lots of money at bingo.

The first way to increase your chances at winning at bingo is to minimize the number of players in any game. If there are less players in any given game, then the chances of you winning are instantly higher.

The problem with this, however, is that it works both way. That means that even though it is easier to win bingo when there are less players there is usually a smaller prize pool as well. If you don’t mind that and just want to win, small games are your cup of tea. Just check our online bingo reviews to see which ones offer small real money bingo games.

Another way to win at bingo more easily is to choose weak bingo games. A weak bingo game is one with many players, a large jackpot, and few cards per player. Sometimes you will find yourself at a real money bingo site online, and after playing a round or two you notice everyone just buys one or two cards. For smart bingo players, this is an opportunity to take advantage of.

Depending on the site, you can buy the max number of tickets per game. This will give you an advantage numerically. For instance if the max cards is 10 and there are 30 players each with 2 tickets, and you have 10, it means you have a 5x better chance to win then anyone else in the game.

Hopefully you can apply some of these tips on how to win at bingo at your real money bingo games the next time you play online or off.