888 Ladies Bingo Review

About 888ladies:

888 is another great online gambling platform. Here you can find not only poker rooms and casino, but also awesome bingo games. Their goal is to be the market leader when it comes to online gambling, and they promise they will not stop until they reach it.

Their main purpose is to provide a secure, quality environment to people that enjoy online gambling. The website has a history that supports its motto, since it’s been here for more than a decade: their official launch was back in 1997 and they have their headquarters in Gibraltar.


Games and Bonuses:



The website offers a variety of games, including bingo. There are plenty of 75, 90 and 5 line ball rooms as well as Swedish bingo rooms, where you can enjoy the game and have a great time.

The bingo section is full of great offers and great bonuses once you join their community.
If you decide to join them, then you will find here a very warm welcome. In the first three days, newbies have the chance to win up to £888 by playing free games in the Newbie room.

Also, if you are new to the website and decide to make a £10 deposit, you will get £40 bonus. That is £50 you can have fun with! Naturally when you visit their promotion section you can see they do their best to satisfy their clients, offering various promotions for each and every pocket.




Being an old company doesn`t mean they are using old software, that is for sure. They make sure the website is always up to date, and never make any compromise when it comes to actual game-play quality. They require no add-ons on their website either. In-case something pops-up, they fix it right away. So far, there have been no complaints about software maintenance.

888 mobile:



As expected from such a respectable company, they have Android and IOS versions of their main games. Thus you can download the applications from their main website and enjoy the games while you are on vacation or during rainy boring days at work.

Payment methods:

There are various methods of payment and withdrawal for your rewards. The site accepts Visa and MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Ukash, Paypal and Visa`s brother Entropay. Therefore you can choose the payment method you like the most, and start playing today!

You should also know that there is a deposit limit that applies to newcomers. If you are new to the website, you cannot deposit more than £1000 per day, and no more than £5000 per month.


Security at 888:

When it comes to security they are some of the most thoughtful companies you can encounter in the online gambling world. Before you can begin making withdrawals you have to confirm your identity through a valid photograph and to provide a copy of the front and back of your credit card. In some cases you might need to confirm your address or, depending on the sum you want to withdraw, you might need a legal document.

They check every transaction that is made on their website, so that stolen credit card deposits are never accepted.






The interface of the registration page is simple, so anyone can easily do it. But we have to mention: you have to be at least 18 years old when you register on 888`s website to play bingo or any other games. Nevertheless, the process is easy and most importantly: it can be done very quickly.

Customer Support:


888 excel in their care for customers. As any other major site, they have a help section where they have posted the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Also, if you have another problem that is not mentioned there or you simply want to ask a question you can contact them via e-mail or phone using the info they have posted under the “Contact us” section. And if you ever encounter a problem on their website, you can simply report it and they will fix it as soon as they receive the e-mail.

Loyalty program:


You play more, you win more! That is one of their mottos. They give away plenty of loyalty prizes and constantly encourage their loyal customers.

Loyal players enjoy 2 bingo rooms with 4 jackpots a day where they can win real money in virtually no-time. Also, they have VIP programs that make online gambling more than worth it.


888 Ladies Video:

Our recommendation:

If you are an online gambler, they you have come to the right place. Their site offers not only bingo but other kinds of games too. And certainly they have amazing offers that you should try out! So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website today!

User Reviews:


Best Games

888ladies bingo always offered the very best online bingo games and jackpots

888ladies Bingo
Deposit Bonus

They change their deposit bonus often and this is very good for my friends

888ladies Bingo

They have an asy going and secure registration

888ladies Bingo
888 all year round

Endless amounts of bingo games, jackpots and so much more. It’s always a good time to play at 888

888ladies Bingo
888 Promos

I always benefitted from their deals and offers, whenever I play, no easy wins, but that’s bingo!

888ladies Bingo
Continue Winning

My wife loves playing bingo on their site, but she seems to play more with the pc than with me :)!

888ladies Bingo
Good stuff

888 ladies has a very secure payment system and I have been using 888 online services for quite a while now

888ladies Bingo




























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Vics Bingo Review

Vics Bingo New Release - Banner

About Vic’s Bingo:

Vics Bingo is ready to give you a great $35 bonus when you sign up, as long as you use the BINGORG35V promotional code. Afterwards, your first two deposits will also benefit from bonuses. The match value is tremendous, at a total of 1,100% of your original deposits.

Vic’s accept players from most European countries and bingo players in the USA. Vic’s Bingo started their operations in 2002 and has been delivering top end service continually since the start.

They have a very nice community and good chat areas and games and a top level VIP program for players at all levels.

Overall a very easy site to use and play, with nice visuals – definitely one of the most trustworthy rooms

vics bingo homepage

Vics’s Bingo Games & Bonuses:

A plus for Vics Bingo is given by their wide range of games available. You are not only constricted to play 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. You can also test your luck at arcade games such as pull tabs or keno, but you can also spin the reels of some exclusive slot games.

If you want to have even more fun while winning some extra cash, check out all of the promotions that are rolled out even on a daily basis. All of these are designed to keep you entertained and interested in everything the room has to offer.

Vic’s Bingo has some great pre-set jackpots and also lots of progressive jackpots, you can see the image below for some of their current jackpot amounts: their supernova jackpot is currently at a whopping $276,481 – which will be hard to find elsewhere.

Vic’s have some varied sing up bonus options but the best one on offer through bingo.org is a $35 free no-deposit bonus. They also have very good deposit bonus once you are signed up with your account. For example they have daily schedules for deposit bonuses – on Wednesdays they have the following offers;

Deposit $250 + and get 500% bonus

Deposit $150 and get 450% bonus

Deposit $100 and get 400% bonus

Deposit up to $100 and get 250% bonus

Pretty great options aren’t they?!

vics bingo promos   vics bingo games

The gameplay and graphics on Vic’s Bingo has actually been improved significantly and received a facelift in the last couple of months so it much more modern in both ease of use and play as you can see form the screenshots here;

Once of the things we at bingo.org like so much about Vics is the volume of promos and special rooms they have – they have daily, weekly and special happy hour promos and rooms and their special holiday or date games and promos are hard to find elsewhere. They are creative and always have cool games for the season weather its valentine’s bingo games in Feb, Easter games or Christmas offers they are constantly challenging and exciting their players with their game variation.

Vis free play bingo is also one of the better options available online and are available 24/7 unlike some rooms where they seem to limit this type of bingo gameplay to low or off peak hours.

Their game cards/tickets also have a wide variance when it comes to costs so normally you will find a game to suit any kind of budget throughout the day.

Vic’s Bingo Software

Vics software and web applications both for navigating the site and for the actual game play is superb, as we mentioned a recent revamp of the site has done nothing but improve all aspects of play on their software. They are now at the forefront of the technologies used for creating very good bingo games!

Customized Profiles and User-Friendly Interface

The new Vic’s Bingo was designed around the main concept of creating a more personal experience, making the player feel as comfortable as possible while playing online games. This leads to a more individualized user profile, where every player can easily update or make changes, while remaining informed of their overall online activity. The improved interface makes it easier for members to verify their account balance, keep track of their position within the VIP Level hierarchy and stay tuned with fresh updates and promotions. It is also perfect to use when fast searching for games, deals and any type of information within the site.

Complete Make-Over for Enhanced Visual Experience

Vic’s Bingo has not only changed so as to perfect the effectiveness of the users’ online activity, but to create a truly impressive visual impact that completes the full-feature menu. Colors are enhanced and the website pages are built with top-notch graphics. The building blocks for the design concept relied on the idea that players must be able to easily identify the essentials and also simply enjoy navigation throughout the website.

New Rate and Review Feature

The Vic’s Bingo personalized experience is topped with one new and important feature – members’ feedback.  This is a way of bringing the online bingo community together in order for players to speak their mind by rating and reviewing their favorite games. While doing so, Vic’s Bingo engages players to stay informed with all sorts of details about specific games and reach the ones that fit their gaming profile best. This is also an efficient way of identifying the most popular games, as well as the best rewards or players within the platform.

Social Opportunities and Online Interaction

Online bingo is not just about gameplay entertainment, and Vic’s Bingo proves it by bringing new social features for its users. Bingo rooms are accompanied by real-life Chat Moderators that will answer all questions and that will build a more exciting atmosphere. Their fun personalities are fit for every type of player that joins in and will surely bring life to the Vic’s Bingo online activity. In addition, social networking opportunities for users are taken to another level with several new features such as:

  • Interaction with other Vic’s Bingo members
  • User status updates
  • Shares and likes
  • Keeping track of personal online activity

All these elements have been combined through a well-crafted online strategy that aims to improve each and every player’s experience at Vic’s Bingo. The best place to be is where you are comfortable enough to feel like yourself and that is exactly what the new site was created for. New members are welcome to join in at Vics Bingo and see why Vic’s Bingo does bring more and has indeed everything within reach.

Vic’s Mobile Bingo

In hand with their new revamped site launch, Vic’s Bingo has also re-designed their mobile site. While they are not currently offering a downloadable app, their mobile based web app is top notch and very much leading the way in terms of mobile bingo play.

Check out the screenshots below for some screenshots of vics bingo’s new mobile site.

vics bingo mobile   vics bingo mobile registraion   vics bingo mobile games   vics bingo winners mobile





They have developed the mobile site for both iPhone/IPad and android devices so no matter what players are using they can take part, and the ease of use for the sites navigation, registration as well and most importantly the actual bingo gameplay really is brilliant, their old version was not so great so we can really commend the work they have put into the new version to take their bingo room forward.

Registration & Payment/Deposit Options

Registration both on regular desktop/laptop computers and mobile is very easy just a couple of steps through user details and deposit options are both varied and simple/quick to use.

Another positive thing about Vic’s is their speed of payment. Other bingo websites might take a lot before they give you the money that you requested or have cathes such as minimum withdrawals, but Vics Bingo processes your withdrawals in a matter of hours, no matter the amount that you requested. So that is tick in a important box.

They accept many different options for deposit and cashing out including – Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Neteller, eco, Skrill, Bank Wire (although this can be a slow option) & PaperCheck as you can see form the picture below – taken from their site.

vicsbingo.ag payment methods

It is worth notingthat as with most websites paypal is not avaiable as payment method for customers based in the USA


Vic’s Bingo are SSl certified though Thawte (a top authenticator of security measures on the web) using the latest and most “state of the art” encryption and secure data protection methods so they have full control and protection over both your personal data and details. They will not share or sell any of your information and are fully anti-virus integrated to ensure not such corruption can occur.

Vic’s really pride themselves on their security levels and measures and spend a tremendous amount of money and time making sure they are safe and secure so you can put your mind at ease.

Vic’s Bingo Support

Twenty four –Seven support through multiple channels and across different locations so that no matter where you are playing from in the world you can always get the help you need, this is a great attribute and not one that all bingo rooms can provide.

You can see full contact details in the image below; but the main methods of support are through – Email, Phone and live chat- and they have very helpful service.

Vics Bingo - 'Contact Us'

VIP Programs

Probably one of the top rated bingo rooms in terms of VIP or loyalty programs – they take care of their customers on each level very well and have many different levels for every type of player / member (you achieve VIP stars though your gameplay and as you collect stars you move up through the different VIP levels).

You start at the “basic” level and move up through – rookie, steel, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, princess, queen, champion and finally “master” level as you can see from the screenshot here.

vicsbingo.ag vip program

Our Recommendation

Great room for US players and their new revamp on both website and mobile makes them an excellent choice. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed! Join in the fun with Vics right here, right now through Bingo.org to get the best available bonus!

User Reviews

mobile is tops

new mobile site is great, and welcome bonus nice start


VIP nicely done

awsome promos and vip program for the more dedicated player


Mr CussoMr Cusso
Good Game Play

very happy with the new site and gameplay has improved a lot


bit slow for me

founds vics quite slow wiht my account verification process


Good varied rooms



Much Improved

gameplay and grpahics improved, can be slow with payouts but good in general


not the best

have played at better rooms, found site frustrating at times


Allison WalshAllison Walsh
Good New Promos

Love their speical games and rooms for the differnt motnhs, very enterainting


Nigel OwensNigel Owens
Slots and Side Games

variation of bingo and slots games much better than other bingo sites



































To Submit and share your experiences with Vic’s Bingo please email our review team to have your comment published at the following address; reviews (@) bingo.org


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